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Went shopping this weekend and found some items to make my wardrobe more Pretty Deadly.

Hat, Dress, and Tights from H&M

I legit can’t wait for October and this comic to come out! Have you preordered your issue yet??

And I thought I was excited for Pretty Deadly.

11:41 pm - Mon, Aug 5, 2013
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It’s his business.

It’s his business.

8:03 am - Fri, Aug 2, 2013
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Fantastic Friday

Listen: I like Alicia Masters.

But Thundra?

She could put me in a headlock anytime.

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"Who gave you the right to decide what is and isn’t a family?”

Scott Lang fights heteronormative villainy in FF #7 by Matt Fraction, Mike Allred and Laura Allred.

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Thor’s DayUndead? Ha!The God of Thunder will fix that…

Thor’s Day

Undead? Ha!

The God of Thunder will fix that…

11:51 pm - Wed, Jul 31, 2013
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Q: What is your favorite non Marvel and non DC comic?

That is a tough one.

Is it cheating if I say Tom Strong?

It began under the America’s Best Comics brand at Image/Wildstorm before being sold to DC and the end of the entire line.

Even more than Promethea (which I loved), I ended every issue of Tom Strong dying for the next one and missed it like a severed limb once it was gone.


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Q: Who are your *least* favorite comic book characters?

Well…let me first say I find that just about any character can be done well if the right writers and artists are involved.

Equally, some of my favorite characters have been so horribly misused (COUGH COUGH demon Daredevil COUGH COUGH) that even my years of affection for them can’t make me go on reading (COUGH COUGH spidemanclonesaga COUGH COUGH).

But there are certain properties I’ve just never been able to get into, no matter who writes them.

No real affection for Spawn or Spawn-related comics, for instance, even when Neil Gaiman wrote them.

The Green Lantern comics have very rarely done anything for me. In fact, I preferred it when Judd Winick was writing the book and Kyle Rayner had the ring. (For non-Green Lantern people: that’s basically heresy)

While I know there are a lot of amazing stories in their history, the X-Books have never really done much for me either.

Which, I know, is insane.


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Well, that’s a relief.

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Q: you write comics?

I do not write comics. 

Professionally, anyway.

I’m a daily newspaper reporter and do some freelance writing on the side.

I mostly cover politics, but have been lucky enough over the course of my career to interview some comics creators including:

Warren Ellis
Brian K. Vaughan
Kelly Sue DeConnick
Brad Meltzer
Greg Rucka
Jeff Parker

I’ve also written about comics for newspapers and websites for years.

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